Snooki And JWOWW Clown Around While Prepping For Lorenzo's First Birthday [Sneak Peek]


Gone are the days of throwing parties just to get sloshed. Now that Snooki & JWOWW are all grown up, their shindigs are mostly focused on wedding planning and entertaining dogs and babies. In this sneak peek of Tuesday's season finale, Lorenzo's first birthday is just around the corner, and the BFFs prepare for the big celebration by making sure their clown costumes are fun, silly and not at all reminiscent of "It." The last thing they'd want to do is give Lorenzo an irrational fear of the circus (and sewers)!

"I don't want to dress like a f**king clown, but I will for my godson," JWOWW says of their choice party theme. Snooki expresses a bit more excitement, though -- up until Jenni pumps the pint-sized mom's costume full of hot air, effectively making her look like a multi-colored meatball. "Why do I gotta be a fat clown? I've always gotta be the short, fat one," Nicole laments, but we have to say, if we had to choose between wearing her onesie and Jenni's rainbow mullet wig, we'd pick the former every time.

After they're both fully dressed, the two guidettes make the best of their ridiculous get-ups by dancing like they just don't care. "I think Nicole is the first one to invent the clown twerk," Jenni declares. Somewhere, Miley Cyrus is seething because she didn't think of it first.

Check out the sneak, and don't miss the season finale of "Snooki & JWOWW" Tuesday night at 10/9c!