Holland Roden Boils The 'Teen Wolf' Cast Down To One-Word Descriptions And Spirit Animals


Bow down to the Queen Banshee!

If you had to describe Scott, Isaac or Derek in one word, "wolf" or "hot" would easily suffice. However, the actors who play these "Teen Wolf" characters can't be branded so easily, and when Holland Roden was asked to play a game of word association by Just Jared Jr., the gorgeous redhead summarized her cast mates rather uniquely.

While Holland kept things pretty basic with Crystal Reed, calling her "pretty," she went a bit out of the box with Tyler Posey, assigning him "skateboards." And when it came time to characterize Tyler Hoechlin, she really got creative. "Christian abs," the porcelain-skinned beauty said, before realizing that she failed to abide by the game's rules. "That’s two [words], but we’ll hyphen it." Nice loophole, girl!

Later in the interview, Holland went into further detail about the cast, and gave some of her friends their very own spirit animal. "I'd probably put Hoechlin as a wooly mammoth," she said. "Posey as a jackrabbit." A bunny poppin' ollies? We can totally see it!

+ Wanna know Daniel Sharman's spirit animal or what Holland loves about "Teen Wolf"'s hectic shooting schedule? Check out the full interview!

Photo: Justin Campbell/Just Jared Jr.

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