'Real World: Ex-Plosion' Sneak Peek: Jenny And Cory Take Their Hookup Public


After trying extra-hard not to be salty about Cory and Ashley's blatant make-out sesh, Jenny christened the Confessional with the personal trainer, but the two tried their best to keep it under wraps. However, their discretion apparently won't last past the premiere, and in this sneak peek from the next "Real World: Ex-Plosion" episode, the two let the whole house in on their hookup status. Looks like Jenny's getting the last laugh!

"I feel like I'm falling for Cory, " she says of her attraction to the stud. "And it's really scary to say that because I haven't known him that long." Despite her self-awareness over the fact that Cory could be dangerous -- especially since she's newly single -- Jenny throws caution to the wind, and skips over to her new squeeze for a kiss in front of the rest of the roomies, who look positively shocked.

"I totally didn't see it coming!" Arielle says, while Jay jokes about how quickly Cory's cruising through the female housemates. "Maybe he's like a little puppy, just trying to pee on every tree and mark his territory," he suggests. Perhaps, but we have a feeling Jenny's not going to let him move onto the next tree anytime soon...

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