That's What You Said...About 'Teen Wolf' Incorporating The Kitsune Myth


Foxes are usually only dangers to mice and chicken coops, but this season on "Teen Wolf," nobody's safe from them. Show creator Jeff Davis assured viewers that the Japanese Kitsune myth -- which centers around a shapeshifting creature -- will continue to work its way into Beacon Hills as Season 3 progresses, and after doing a bit of research as to what exactly the folklore might bring, we discovered that at its worst, the "trickster spirit" can wreak some serious havoc.

Whether it has nine tails, is associated with either fire or water or has a firm grasp on a "star ball," the most harrowing power we discovered is that a Kitsune can possess unwitting humans, which could spell trouble for a number of Beacon Hills residents. Take a look at what some fans said on the MTV Shows blog and "Teen Wolf" Facebook page about how "Teen Wolf" might incorporate the Kitsune, and keep the convo going in the comments!

"The Kitsune can be a spirit of someone who has died? Calling it now and saying it's Lydia." -- Morgan M.

"The old man tells Allison's dad: 'Destroy it, even if it's your own daughter.' So I think that Allison will be possessed or something like that. SOMETHING BAD FOR SURE." -- Mimo

"In one version of the Kitsune myth, the Kitsune can transform into a second moon. Maybe they can influence werewolf transformations?" -- Wilson

"I think they might introduce two types of Kitsune: one good and one evil. My guess is that evil Kitsune is controlling that patient to kill the good Kitsune." -- Rothirsch

"I think that maybe Kira could be a Kitsune because she's a beautiful woman, and her dad might be one, as well, because he's older and he's a teacher at Beacon Hills High, which would have to make him wise." -- trulyprada

"I love history and the mythology of the Kitsune -- it's pretty cool. I can't wait!" -- Bronson S.