Nick Cannon Closed More Deals In 10 Days Than Most Businessmen Do In A Decade


You want a Lamborghini? A private jet? You better work, bitch!

He may be the mastermind behind a show called "Wild 'N Out," but off the comedy stage, Nick Cannon means serious business! We're only 10 days in to 2014, and while most of us are getting ready to kick our New Year's resolutions to the curb, Nick's putting in major WORK. Just call Cannon the captain of Team No Sleep.

We've been monitoring Nick's Twitter timeline closely (since it's kinda our job), and it seems the jack of all trades is on track to put out more products than the Apple store. On Monday, Nick posted news of a collaboration with Shaquille O'Neil for Monster headphones, and also shared that he has yet another TV venture in store. "@NickCannon announces that @MonsterProducts will begin producing TV content focusing on DJ culture," he retweeted. On Tuesday, he released the Ncredible Tablet, and today MTV2 revealed that "Wild 'N Out" will be back with another season this summer. But don't worry, you won't have to wait that long to see the funnyman's face on TV again, because he's hosting VH1's upcoming mini-series, "Super Bowl Blitz," from January 27 through February 1. Hey, that lambo ain't going to pay for itself!

Photo: Nick Cannon's Instagram