'Real World: Ex-Plosion' Poll: Was Ashley's Outburst A One-Time Deal?


From the moment we met "Drunk Ashley," we kiiiiinda had a feeling she might be one of the more...exciting members of the "Real World: Ex-Plosion" cast. However, what started in good fun turned horribly sour when the West Virginia native was accused of being an adulteress. Jamie -- who is a self-proclaimed member of the cheat police -- called Ashley out for messing around with two different guys that were not her boyfriend, and Ashley's defense and subsequent outburst devolved into a house-wide fight. What followed was a waterfall of word vomit in which Ashley declared herself the best and richest person in the house, then ran down the street in a bikini threatening to defect. Woo! First night!

The morning after, Ashley claimed that it wasn't like her to stir up so much drama or act out the way she did toward Cory and Jamie. The housemates were a bit perplexed when she downplayed her poor behavior, and even more so when she later pounced on Cory like a cat in heat. Even more bizarre: Cory, whose humble upbringing Ashley had been mocking less than 24 hours before, had no trouble welcoming her advances. And though Ashley didn't get into another screaming match with anyone after her ill-advised burger toss, getting chastised for it left her in a mess of 100°-proof tears, as she couldn't see what everyone was so upset about.

+ So, tell us what you think: Was Ashley's first impression on the house just a fluke, or is she bound to stir up more drama?

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