Molly Tarlov And Jillian Rose Reed Looked NOTHING Like Their 'Awkward.' Characters At The PCAs [Photos]


Is there anything LESS Sadie Saxton than snapping a selfie with a fan?

When you spend the better part of your day playing a plucky, chatty Cathy or a mean girl with a perma-bitch face, it's understandable if you'd want to shed all traces of your 9-5 character when you're off the clock. So, when Molly Tarlov and Jillian Rose Reed hit the People's Choice Awards red carpet last night, we weren't the least bit surprised to see that their "Awkward" personae, Sadie and Tamara, were completely MIA.

Molly, for one, took a detour from posing for the paparazzi to hang out with some fans, which is something Sadie would never, ever approve of. Taking selfies with strangers? EWW! And while she still may have been wearing a glammed-up version of Sadie's trademark top-knot, her sophisticated all-black number was a far cry from the pink cardigans and pleated skirts that Sades chooses to sport. As for Jillian, her hair was big enough to hold ALL of Tamara's secrets, and the long, wavy 'do was MUCH sexier than anything we've ever seen from T. If this, as well as Ron Pope's new music video, are any indication, Jill has recently tapped into her inner vixen!

+ Check out pics of the ladies' beautiful red carpet looks, and let us know what you think!


Wowza! Jillian's voluminous 'do is way more JRR than T.


Molly's stunning number screams sophistication, not sassy prepster.

Photos: Getty Images