Deena Cortese's 'Snooki & JWOWW' Cameo Included Bird Poop, Wine Spills And Meatball Mayhem [Video]


Deena Nicole Cortese has come a long way since "Jersey Shore," and has got some exciting new projects in the works, but give her a glass of wine (or six), plop her down on the Seaside Heights boardwalk and the meatball inside is bound to reemerge. On the latest "Snooki & JWOWW," D proved her theory that a leopard doesn't ever change its, er, stripes when after a few drinks, she sat in bird poo, destroyed the upholstery in Nicole and Jionni's rental house and proceeded to call her ol' pals "assh**es." In other words, it was a few minutes of heaven.

After enjoying an unusually calm night out at the "Jersey Shore" cast's ol' stomping grounds, Deena and her friends returned to Snooki and Jionni's abode for a nightcap. But when the house's tenants packed it in early, D gave herself a refill of red, proceeded to spill half of the glass on the family room's ottoman, and stared, stunned, at her mess. "I get it," she said, alone and paralyzed. "I f***ing get it." And if, for a second, you thought she'd try to remove the stain before giving herself another pour, you'd be sorely mistaken. Sorely, sorely mistaken.

Watch the cleaned-up meatball dirty herself up!