JWOWW's New 'Mommy Hairdo' Is More Jennifer Lopez Than June Cleaver [Photo]


JWOWW tries ombré on for size! Whaddya think?

Jenni Farley's last experiment with blonde hair was a self-admitted disaster, but the "Snooki & JWOWW" star has given lighter locks another shot, and this time, there's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. The guidette posted a photo of her "NEW mommy hairdo" to Facebook yesterday, and we have to say, if she looks like this while changing dirty diapers and cleaning spit-up off her shirts, then she might become the hottest mom of all time. TAKE THAT, MRS. STIFLER!

"This soon to be mommy feels pretty again!" the pregnant MTV personality wrote alongside the selfie above on her website. While JWOWW's partner-in-crime, Snooki, switches up her hairstyle as frequently as she changes her clothes, JWOWW has been a bit more conservative with her follicle choices, keeping the brunette style going since she parted ways with her "Jersey Shore" color-explosion. Now, Jenni looks like she could run a PTA meeting and turn heads at Karma, and that, friends, is what we call balance.

+ Check out the photo, and tell us what you think of Jenni's new 'do!

Photo courtesy of JenniWOWW.com

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