'Real World Ex-Plosion' Poll: Who Will Be The House MVP?


On tonight's "Real World: Ex-Plosion" premiere, San Francisco's newest residents skipped the honeymoon period and dove straight in for the kill. In just two days, Jamie picked a fight with Ashley over a potential cheating scandal, Ashley slighted the financial standing of Cory's family and Cory...made out with Ashley? That is, before he had sex with Jenny in the Confessional. Sigh. Suffice it to say, this season's bound to be a doozy, but which cast member's on the fast track to becoming a "Real World" Hall of Famer?

If being a cool customer is what you're looking for in an MVP, Jay and Arielle are top contenders. Arielle somehow stayed calm after Ashley flung hot oil in her face, and Jay was reliably on-hand to quell most of the house's initial arguments. However, cockiness often leads to greatness in terms of the "Real World," so do Thomas and Cory have a better shot at being voted most memorable? The former told Jamie he was indisputably good-looking, while Cory's swagger led to hookups with two of the three straight ladies in the house. And let us not forget the drama queens of the group: Jamie, Jenny and "Drunk Ashley." Each of these girls' antics could earn them infamy.

So who's the guy or girl worthy of their own weekly hashtag? Take our poll, and be sure to catch the next episode at a special time, Wednesday at 11/10c!

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