Kailyn Lowry-Marroquin's Frenchie Is The Perfect Newborn Guard Dog [Photo]


Mess with the bulldog, you'll get the horns!

A few weeks back, Kailyn Lowry-Marroquin had to make the painful choice to re-home one of her dogs, a mastiff, after the animal bit her older son, Isaac. However, not all of the "Teen Mom 2" cast member's pups have a contentious relationship with humans. In fact, her French bulldog, Gizmo, possesses the completely opposite disposition, and has appointed himself Baby Lincoln's personal bodyguard! If only he had some shades and a slick suit and tie to match...

Though Lincoln is under two months old, Gizmo wasted no time taking to the little fella, and has been standing watch over him 24/7. "Does anyone else have a Frenchie that guards their newborn? I just didn't expect this at all!" Kail shared on Instagram, along with a photo of Gizmo sitting at attention by Lincoln's side. Despite the watch dog's small stature, he seems to be taking his post very seriously -- just like a royal soldier!

Photo courtesy of Kailyn Lowry's Instagram.

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