Lil Duval Dared To Mess With Queen Bey During 'Arsenio Hall' Stand-Up Routine [Video]


Lil Duval made his late-night debut on "The Arsenio Hall Show" last night, and the outspoken comedian proved that his roasting skills aren't solely reserved for cyber fools and "Guy Code" offenders. Yup, the "Ain't That America" frontman dared to take on some pretty big names, and even tackled one of pop music's greatest pillars in his stand-up act: Mrs. Carter. For Lil D's sake, we hope Jay Z was in bed by 11!

After D warmed up with a spot-on Arsenio impersonation, he wasted no time calling out all the single ladies in the audience. "I'm gonna tell y'all why y'all single -- it's the music y'all are listening to," he starts. "Beyoncé started that...tellin' you that you don't need a man for nothin'. Meanwhile, she's happily married -- WITH CHILD -- dancin' for her man," he joked, before trying his best "Drunk In Love"-inspired dance move. Uhh, we'd leave the sexy booty-shaking to Queen Bey if we were you, Lil D.

Watch the full stand-up routine, and check out more of Lil Duval's unfiltered humor on the season premiere of "Ain't That America" January 15 at 11/10c on MTV2.