'Ridiculousness' Sneak Peek: Ex-Nanny Jamie Lee Weighs In On Bad Parenting


"It takes one to know one" is not just a playground cliché, but a means to detect an ill-fitting caretaker! On the next episode of "Ridiculousness," "Girl Code" comedienne Jamie Lee joins the Red Couch Crew to come clean about her pre-comedy nanny days, and admits that she was a terrible guardian. But hey, if she hadn't sucked, we might never have gotten to know her quippy ways, and in the sneak peek of the next episode below, she uses her wit to help Rob Dyrdek lay down the laugh-worthy laws of bad parenting.

For one thing, a terrible dad has no qualms asking his toddler to power-wash the car, effectively sending him flying into the garage wall. "He's a little young to take over the family business, but he'll get there," Jamie says as the child in the clip begins to cry, post-impact. It turns out, scaring your kid with a mask will also earn you the title of bad parent, as will letting your spawn strangle a water snake or sex toy like it was a piece of yarn. Man, our moms and dads are suddenly looking pretty adept...

Check out the video, and tune in for two all-new episodes of "Ridiculousness" Thursday night at 10/9c!