When We Last Left Off With The Ladies Of 'Teen Mom 2'...


Ever since we first met JenelleKailynLeah and Chelsea on "16 and Pregnant," we've watched them navigate the good, bad and sometimes ugly waters of young parenthood. From custody battles to cheating allegations to serious medical issues, "Teen Mom 2" has brought heaping loads of drama, and it's an understatement to say that all four ladies have been through a LOT in the past few years.

Before Season 5 premieres on January 21, MTV is airing a catch-up special tonight at 11/10c. Can't remember where Chelsea and Adam stand, or if Leah's daughter's health issues have been resolved? Check out the Season 4 Cliff's Notes below, and for an in-depth refresher on each of the girls' stories, plus a sneak peek of the new season, don't miss the catch-up special!

Jenelle: At first, Jenelle seemed to be on a new path to healthy living after finishing probation and finding happiness with her fiancé, Gary. However, after she and Gary got into a physical altercation and split up, and Jenelle's ex-boyfriend, Kieffer, came back into the picture, she slipped back into her old dangerous habits. Jenelle became hooked on heroin, and by the end of the season, her mother, Barbara, attempted to have Jenelle committed for her drug habit.

Kailyn: As Kailyn's love for her new boyfriend Javi grew, so did the tension between her and her son Isaac's father, Jo, especially when Kail contemplated moving across the country with Isaac. Though her relationship hit a serious road block when she put her hands on Javi, the two were able to move past it, and ended up getting married in a small courthouse ceremony before Javi shipped off to boot camp.

Leah: Despite finding love with Jeremy, Leah began to doubt her commitment to her boyfriend as her feelings for her ex-husband, Corey, resurfaced. After struggling to decide between the two, Leah chose Jeremy, and the two got married. Unfortunately, Leah and Corey's daughter, Ali, who had been struggling with an undiagnosed health issue for a while, was not progressing as much as they'd hoped, and the two parents were devastated when she was called in for a series of even more invasive tests.

Chelsea: After a pregnancy scare with Adam, Chelsea vowed to swear him off for good and focus on cosmetology school. That didn't last long, though, and the stress of single motherhood, coupled with eviction from her apartment and Adam's attempts to make her jealous with his new girlfriend proved to be too much, and she ultimately took a hiatus from her classes. By the end of the season Chelsea had gathered herself back together, though, and was ready to get back in the beauty school game.