'True Life' Check-In: Rob And Jesse Share How They've Settled Into Their New Fortunes

MTV’s latest “True Life” explored the stories of two young men who were dealing with the pressures that come with newfound wealth. We had an opportunity to check in with them to find out how their lives have changed since filming wrapped — take a look at the follow-up Q&As below.


How are school and house-hunting going?

School is going great. I now have a 3.7 GPA and I found a house that I’m looking to close on!

What advice would you offer a new lottery winner?

The greatest advice I could offer anyone in my situation is that the people you meet on your way up the ladder are the same people you'll meet on your way back down, so stay humble. If you don't, in due time it will come back to haunt you.

Do you ever wish that you were able to collect a lump sum from the lottery, instead of annual payments?

Sometimes I think about it, and how the outcome might have been different, but at the end of the day I'm happy with the blessing I was given.

What was it like sharing your story with us?

It was amazing to show people the real side of me, and hopefully the true me comes across on camera.


How is your relationship with Ashley?  Do you think she's happy with her decision to focus on poker rather than dance?

Our relationship is great! We have been more focused on the important stuff, like poker and the house, and I think we have very similar ideas of what we want our future plans to look like. Ashley is focusing on poker more when she's in Vegas, but she still travels to shows in Austin and New York, so it's not as if she's completely shutting herself off from the dance world. We sat down and made a plan for her with respect to pursuing poker full time, and we decided that she still should take a minimum of two dance classes a week.

How do you spend your time these days? How much is spent playing poker vs. other things? 

Since I'll be traveling a bit less for poker this year, I'm trying to play more poker day-to-day. This means getting some time online or at the casino whenever I can. Since I want to keep balance in my life, I have rules like "don't play past 2 a.m." or "don't play unless you are excited about it, otherwise go to the gym, read a book, etc." I let myself break some of these rules occasionally, but only if there's a really good, high stakes game that might not come around again for a long time.

Otherwise, I'm just doing stuff that makes me happy. Hanging out with friends, playing sports and spending time with our new puppies. Now that it's warmer outside, Ashley and I are going to hike more. I'd like to learn to mountain climb as well.

What was it like sharing your story with us?

It was interesting and fun. We learned a lot about ourselves, about the documentary process and about how people act differently when cameras are around. At first we felt very awkward in front of the cameras. The crew was really cool, and we had a lot of fun together after filming was over. I think as time went on we became much more comfortable with the process, and we opened up more easily while being filmed. All in all, I feel like we did a pretty good job of showing off our real selves and what our life together is like. The last year was a very unique experience for me, and I'm glad that I'll be able to go back and watch it over, years from now.

Photos courtesy of Rob and Jesse