Lil Duval Dishes On The 'Amazing' Second Season Of 'Ain't That America' [Video]


If a performer doesn't take pride in his or her own work, they can't expect to grow their fan base, but fortunately for Lil Duval, he's extremely confident in his MTV2 show, "Ain't That America." But why wouldn't he be? "ATA" became a bona fide hit in its first season, and with the show's sophomore run almost upon us, Duval is promising even more laughs and surprises.

"It's bigger and better," he says in the video below. "It's a clip show, slash comedy sketch, slash late night show all balled up in one." The addition of "Girl Code" comedienne Carly Aquilino as a permanent panelist is obviously something to look forward to, but Duval thinks the series' new home base is another driving force behind what sets Season 2 apart. "New York gives you that down home, dirty feel that I love," he says of the production's move from L.A. to NYC, and not that we're biased or anything, but the man does have a point. As you saw from the 2013 VMAs in Brooklyn, the Big Apple is where it's at!

Don't miss the premiere of "Ain't That America" January 15 at 11/10c, followed by a new season of "Charlamagne and Friends" at 11:30/10:30c on MTV2.

Photo: MTV2