Max Joseph Takes A Quick Break From 'Catfish' To Hang With Exotic Animals [Photos]


Why, yes, that IS Max Joseph standing a stone's throw away from a giraffe.

While you're busy shivering your butts off in this ridiculous polar vortex (hang in there, Midwest), take solace in the fact that at least one person you know and love is enjoying a nice, warm breeze on a scenic vacation. Or just be realllly jealous! That's right, before he sets back out again on the "Catfish" trail, Internet sleuth Max Joseph is enjoying quite the safari adventure, and he's been Instagramming up a storm over the past few days.

"Just another day in paradise. #africa," the documentarian posted along with a gorgeous pic of Kruger National Park in South Africa (below). Doing his best Indiana Jones impression, Max has been embedded amongst the likes of lions, elephants, hyenas and cheetahs without even batting an eye, but we're not exactly surprised by his courage: After Season 2's slow-clap altercation, coming face-to-face with these beasts of the wild must be a cinch. And while there's no sign of any "Catfish" nearby, we're bound to see plenty of them when Season 3 premieres, which, Max assures us, will also feature his handsome new safari hat!

Check out a few of the breathtaking pics from Max's trip:




Be vewwwy, vewwwy quiet. If Max gets devoured, who will film "Catfish"?!


NBD. Just chillin' with some elephants.

Photos: Max Joseph's Instagram