'Are You The One?' Will Award Big Money To Singles Who Find Their Perfect Matches [Trailer]


Landing a date who's "good on paper" doesn't always end in true romance, but for 20 singles, it could pay off in dividends. On MTV's new dating show, "Are You The One?," 10 men and 10 women who've all been unlucky in love will move into a beautiful Hawaiian mansion, and if each of them can track down their perfect, pre-determined match, EVERYONE will split one million dollars. But, if even a handful of contestants are left standing after 10 tries, the entire group will walk away with nothing. THAT'S HIGH STAKES, Y'ALL.

After going through an extensive series of personality and matchmaking tests, the singles will spend a month mingling, competing and even taking a romp or two in the "Boom Boom Room" while trying to uncover who science -- and the "Truth Booth" -- says is their one-and-only. It seems easy enough, but the trailer below begs the question: What if your heart and mind don't align perfectly, and your true connection trumps a matchmaker's expertise? Would you still be able to press on for the sake of the prize?

Check out what's to come from "Are You The One?," and brace yourself for the series premiere on Tuesday, January 21 at 11/10c!