'Teen Wolf' Poll: Is Sheriff Stilinski In Over His Head?


After dozens of murders in Beacon Hills, courtesy of a certain Darach, there are even more unanswered questions, and the pressure fell on Sheriff Stilinski during tonight's "Teen Wolf" premiere to sort it all out. The sheriff is up against a bit more than your average town's law enforcement officials, and is currently in danger of being axed because of the string of unsolved cases (insert sad trombone), but now that he's begun to get a "more illuminated perspective" on the supernatural haps around him and is looking into the broader lycanthrope picture, could he actually have a shot at solving these puzzling cold cases?

On tonight's episode, the sheriff was reminded of his first case, that of a little girl named Malia Tate who went missing after her family was found shredded by "coyotes," because it occurred during a full moon. He enlisted Scott's super senses to track down a scent and maybe even find a body, in hopes that it would back his theory that a werewolf killed the Tates. Stiles insinuated that uncovering a supernatural element might make things MORE complicated, but the sheriff, who took the case pretty personally, seemed hell-bent on solving the murder no matter what the cost. While the depths to which he'll go remain unknown, we have a bad feeling he's opening up a can of worms that no human is equipped to handle...

+ What do you think: Is the sheriff ready to take on all aspects of the "Teen Wolf" world? Or is he biting off more than he can chew? Take our poll, and sound off in the comments!

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