'Teen Wolf' Psych-Out: Allison Hallucinates Dead Aunt Kate And Almost Kills Lydia

This season on "Teen Wolf," the characters are taking brain-wrangling to the extreme, and we're in for an unprecedented supernatural thrill ride. Each week, we're serving up a clip of the moment that left us scrambling for the nightlight, and attempting to make sense of what happened. So, get beneath that blanket, clutch your most protective stuffed animal and check out the latest "Teen Wolf" Psych-Out:


Well, this is hardly the family reunion one would hope for...

On tonight's "Teen Wolf" premiere, Allison, Scott and Stiles, who faced death to save their parents, were suffering some pretty horrific side effects from the deadly ice baths. For Stiles, his jumbled subconscious manifested itself in nightmares; for Scott, it took the shape of a harrowing werewolf shadow; and in Allison's case, her dead aunt, Kate, returned as an illusion that was as distorted as Samara from "The Ring." Suffice it to say, she won't be sleeping soundly anytime soon.

Allison's first encounter with Kate came in an imagined morgue, where she saw her aunt crawling toward her from inside a body drawer, but the terror continued when Kate reemerged during target practice with Lydia. Allison managed to steady her shaky trigger finger while fending off an encroaching Kate hallucination, but it turned out that her dead-on arrow was actually gunning for Lydia.

Kira later explained to the afflicted trio that they might have been experiencing the Tibetan principle of "bardo," which is the liminal state between life and death, and Dr. Deaton went on to elaborate that their symptoms will intensify until they close the door to their minds that had been opened. Uhh, it can get worse than this? Let the mindf**k begin!