Move Over, Partridge Family: Mac Miller And The McCormicks Have Arrived!


The Partridge Family back in the '70s and their modern-day equivalent, The McCormick Family.

Like so many of us, Mac Miller traveled back home this holiday season, but instead of donning ugly sweaters and enjoying hot cocoa by the fire, his family chose to spend their quality time rocking out with electric instruments. Guess the musical gene is dominant in the McCormick bloodline!

During Mac's visit to his hometown of Pittsburgh, the rapper shared an Instagram of himself posing with his mom, dad and brother, Miller, captioning it "Family Band," and while they may be a few members short, we couldn't resist posting a side-by-side comparison of the "Most Dope" McCormick clan and groovy Partridges of the '70s. Gingers Mac and Miller are BOTH dead ringers for young Danny Bonaduce's role! Eat your heart out, David Cassidy.

Photo: Redferns/Getty Images and Mac Miller's Instagram