'Teen Wolf' Superfans Kaitlyn And Amanda Pump Up The Crowd For Tonight's Premiere!


"Teen Wolf" characters may come and go, but the Wolf Pack is forever. Kaitlyn and Amanda, the superfans who've rapped their way through Scott's new tattoo and the identity of the first Alpha, are back and ready to get you hyped for tonight's premiere. They, like we, are still in the dark about what exactly will happen this season, but their artistry certainly hasn't suffered for it. WHERE ARE THE INTERESTED RECORD EXECS?!

"Isaac Lahey's getting crazy with Allison Argent, oh, baby oh, baby," the girls cheekily sing to the tune of "Talk Dirty" by Jason Derulo and 2 Chainz in the video below. "Sheriff Stilinski, guns on deck. He's the best, don't need to check." Kaitlyn and Amanda really squeeze every last detail out of the trailer with their lyrics, and still manage to honor their fellow fans' Wolf Pack status. Plus, as they remind us, tonight's premiere will be followed by an all-new after show called "Wolf Watch" at 11/10c!

Check out the clip, and be sure to watch "Teen Wolf" tonight at 10/9c!