Nick Cannon Comes Clean About His Past Gang Ties


Nick Cannon DJing in New York City.

As a doting dad and MTV2 host with the most, Nick Cannon certainly walks the straight and narrow path these days, but as a young boy growing up in California, the "Wild 'N Out" star didn't always steer clear of trouble. In fact, in a series of tweets over the weekend, the comedian confessed to just how rough his childhood was by sharing a shocking story of his gang days, all in an effort to help kids who might be going down the same dark road.

"I thought being a gang member was the coolest s**t ever until I got shot at!" Nick tweeted. "I been okay with being corny ever since #RealTalk." The father of two decided to clear the skeletons out of his closet to speak up against a violent Internet trend known as the "Knockout Game," in which kids purposely assault unsuspecting strangers while capturing it all on video. Instead of looking down on the troubled teens taking part in the violence, Nick empathized with them, in hopes that his honesty will help them make the right choice and turn their lives around. "Those kids aren't lost causes," he said. We're crossing our fingers they're listening, Nick.

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Photo: Johnny Nunez/Getty

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