Everybody Loves Rob! Let Us Count The Ways Before Tonight's 'Ridiculousness' Premiere


These days, Internet videos are a dime a dozen, but there's no replacing the commentary of Rob Dyrdek and his trusty "Ridiculousness" crew. Ever since the funnyman brought his friends to a big, red couch so they could comfortably mock the world wide web's most ludicrous clips, fans have been coming back for more, and tonight, "Ridiculousness" officially returns for a fourth season! So how can you thank Rob for all of his teasing and taunting before tonight's premiere? Glad you asked.

MTV's airing a marathon of some of the show's greatest episodes RIGHT NOW, and fans have been tasked with tweeting why they love Rob Dyrdek with a "#Ridiculousness" hashtag. Already, Rob's loyalists have said that his hilarity is pee-inducing, deemed the man a deity and made him the subject of many "man crush" mentions. You thought Little Monsters or Beliebers were committed? You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Below are some standout tweets that praise Rob in all his glory. Check 'em out, keep the Twitter conversation going throughout the marathon and stay tuned for tonight's "Ridiculousness" premiere at 10/9c!