JWOWW Is Already Gathering Up Toys For Her Bun In The Oven [Photo]


Jenni Farley's best childhood friend: Dinie!

Screw china sets and antique armoires -- the most priceless type of family heirloom will protect your children from monsters in their closet and creepy crawlies under their bed. Today, Jenni Farley was reunited with her favorite childhood (and, er, teenage) stuffed animal, Dinie, and the mom-to-be delighted in the thought of passing her plush play pal along to her baby.

"My dad just found my Dinieeeee!!! I slept with this thing until I went to NYC for college… Didn’t want to take him in case I lost him!" JWOWW posted to her website with the photo above. "This was my favorite stuffed animal ever and hopefully will be my child’s favorite too." Wow, it sure didn't take long for the guidette's maternal instinct to kick in!

Sure, Dinie's pushing 30, but he's still looking pretty fresh, and we imagine his smile is just as pink now as it was in the '80s. Are we living in a fool's paradise to think that Snooki might be inspired to hand off Crocadilly to little Lorenzo?

Photo courtesy of JenniFarley.com