From Lesbian Affairs To Swapping Spit, Here Are Last Night's Best 'Girl Code' Quips As Memes!


If you practiced kissing with your hand before trying out the real deal (you know, a fellow human being), you're not alone. On last night's double dose of "Girl Code," MTV's funny ladies took on the art of swapping spit -- the good, the bad and the teethy -- and after they managed to fix their smeared lip gloss, each comedienne proceeded to dish on snacking, crying and the little bit of lesbian in every female. Plus: tips on how to avoid being a jealous ex-girlfriend, as well as a very special Nicole Byer bikini-waxing session!

From start to finish, there was little left to the imagination on New Year's Day. Check out the jokes that helped us ring in 2014 with belly laughs, and share your personal favorites!

Quinn, on girl-on-girl action:


Carly, on lipstick lesbians:


Jamie, on a kiss's significance:


Alice, on intimacy with her pets:


Alice, on gossip queens:


Carly, on snacking, then and now:


Alice, on "the waterworks":


Nicole, while being waxed: