Osbourne Siblings Still At It! Kelly And Jack Resurrect Teenage Rivalry On Twitter


What a difference 10 years can make! Kelly and Jack Osbourne in 2003, and now, in 2013.

No matter how much older, wiser or richer a person may get, heading home for the holidays means one thing for every adult: picking up where you left off. Whenever you're under Mom and Dad's roof, that ol' angsty teen self of yours is bound to rear its ugly (white)head -- just ask grown-ass Jack and Kelly Osbourne, who quickly regressed to MTV's bickering siblings of yesteryear upon joining the rest of their wacky fam for Christmas this past week.

Ozzy's kids' methods of torture may have changed over time, but they still know how to publicly get under each other's skin, thanks to social media. Yesterday, the two staved off holiday boredom by hacking into one another's Twitter accounts, and it started off ugly. Always the instigator, Jack struck first with the finest of juvenile humor:


Never one to take an insult lying down, Kelly retaliated not once, but FOUR times, dragging the likes of Celine Dion and Jennifer Lopez into the feud:


After making shopping plans with J.Lo and declaring a kinky cheese fetish, Jack conceded to his sister's clearly superior payback...and then they both promptly password-protected their phones.

Man, we really miss "The Osbournes."

Photos: Neal Preston, Getty Images