'Real World' Ex-Cam: Jay Pulls A Faux-tography Prank On His Housemates

Real World: Ex-Plosion” is right around the corner, but you don’t have to wait until January 8 to get to know the San Francisco housemates. In an act of unprecedented kindness, the show’s producers took pity on this season’s cast and allowed them to hang onto their smartphones throughout filming, even encouraging them to shoot video of their exploits. We’ve got some of the exclusive footage to share with you before premiere day — check out our latest “Ex-Cam” clip below!


There's always (at least) one jokester in every "Real World" house, and apparently, Jay gets the honorary dunce cap this season. In this "Ex-Cam" clip, the Bronx native plays a faux-tography prank on his new friends, pointing his smartphone at their awkward, lingering smiles as they silently wait for the flash to go off. It never does.

"Are we actually doing this?" Arielle asks, suddenly becoming wise to Jay's ruse. When he finally comes clean about his fake-out, Jamie responds most appropriately: "You're a dick," she says.

Check out the Instagram photo that never was: