Snooki's Pregnancy Advice To JWOWW: 'No Pushing On The Toilet'


You can always count on Snooki to tell it like it is, and now that her best friend Jenni Farley is having a baby, the sassy mom to 1-year-old Lorenzo is doling out loads of straight talk. Last night and earlier today, both girls Instagrammed bits of an ongoing text message sesh they shared in which Snooki offered some helpful pregnancy advice, followed by two graphic warnings that serve as birth control for childless women everywhere. The highlights:

1. Sleep safe

2. Keep hydrated

3. No Advil or Aleve

4. No pushing on the toilet

5. Ur vag is gonna rip and ull prolly s**t on ur doctor

Some context, if needed:



Thanks for sharing, ladies! And Jenni: We're eagerly awaiting your response re: baby names...

Photo: Ian Spanier