'Real World' Ex-Cam: The Housemates Debate The Physics Of Twerking

"Real World: Ex-Plosion" is right around the corner, but you don't have to wait until January 8 to get to know the San Francisco housemates. In an act of unprecedented kindness, the show's producers took pity on this season's cast and allowed them to hang onto their smartphones throughout filming, even encouraging them to shoot video of their exploits. We've got some of the exclusive footage to share with you before premiere day -- check out our latest "Ex-Cam" clip below!


"Real World" doesn't normally attract the Albert Einstein types, but we've had a few scholars pass through the house over the years (remember Harvard grad Pam Ling from the original "San Francisco" season?), and you might be interested to know that the "Ex-Plosion" cast includes more than one self-styled physicist!

In this "Ex-Cam" clip from Jamie's POV, some of the roomies discuss the science behind twerking upside down...because who hasn't tried it at least once before? Arielle bravely volunteers herself to test out the group's different hypotheses, and though they never quite reach a conclusion, we think her twerk is worthy enough for entrance into the Preston and Aneesa Hall of Fame. Where's Neil deGrasse Tyson when you need him?