Sammi Giancola Is Not Digging Her Post-'Shore' Living Situation In This 'Funny Or Die' Video


After six seasons of breakups and makeups on "Jersey Shore," Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Sammi Giancola have made great strides in their relationship. By all accounts, the couple has spent their time away from MTV's cameras settling into a life of blissful domesticity, and their close friends have even predicted an engagement and babies! However, recent footage of their current living situation has surfaced on Funny Or Die, and it seems that Sammi's reverted back to her combative ways.

In the video below, SamRon find themselves in "Makeover Manor," a mock-reality show featuring a ton of famous home-improvement personalities, including Ty Pennington of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," as the pair's new roomies. When Hilary Farr of "Love It Or List It" makes a fuss over dinner, Sammi offers to whip up a big ol' meal for the house à la Sunday Dinners of yesteryear, but the Property Bros. shut her down, unleashing Sam's inner-bitch.

New pacifist Ronnie tries to calm his girlfriend down, but she answers his Gandhi-inspired pleading with a fist to the face. "When you said we were gonna leave 'Jersey Shore' and move in together, you didn't tell me it'd be with these crazy a**holes," she barks. Let this be a lesson: Never turn down a free Italian dinner.

Check out the full "FOD" clip to see what SamRon have been up to!

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