Nicole Byer And Sasheer Zamata Moonlight As Sexy Subway Dancers


By Jess Keefe

From rave reviews in HuffPost and The Hairpin to being named one of the Top 10 Web Series of 2013 by Variety, the Intewebs were buzzin' about Nicole Byer and Sasheer Zamata's hilarious “Pursuit of Sexiness” the minute it debuted last month, and as the respective “Girl Code” and "Hey Girl" stars sought love, liberty and the occasional free meal, we LOLed right along with them. The ladies failed at raking in dough by way of sugar daddies and thrift store trade-ins throughout the season, but in the final episode, they truly proved they were destined for the poor house.

In the video below, Nicole thinks she's finally hatched the best money-making strategy yet: subway dancing! (After all, what New Yorker hasn’t been tempted to earn some quick cash by pole-dancing on a packed train to some grainy boombox beats?) She tells Sasheer that all they need to start filling their pockets is to “get some sexy music, some sexy moves and make the sexy, sexy money!” But, of course, livin' life in the subway busker lane is much easier said than done, and their slapdash scheme is quickly foiled.

First, an onlooker assumes that the show is free-of-charge, which the girls quickly assure him is NOT THE CASE. Then, their lack of preparation becomes an issue. “Why didn’t we rehearse this?” Sasheer wonders as they bumble through "Don't Cha." Ultimately, a cop shuts down the production completely, sending the twosome running from the law, "Thelma & Louise" style. Watch out for the canyon, ladies!

Check out all the subway sexiness: