Street Justice With Quinn Marcus: The People's Ruling On Bailing On Your BFF's Birthday [Video]

Thanks to MTV2's “Guy Court,” no true “Guy Code” violation will ever go unpunished. But though we trust the honorable Judge Donnell Rawlings to pass out fair rulings, the American justice system lets a peer jury dictate a defendant’s fate, so each week we’re holding all potential “Code” criminals to the same standard with a heavy dose of “Street Justice.” Check out the latest case below.


Thanks to Judge Donnell and the rest of the "Guy Court" gang, many "Guy Code" violators were put behind the proverbial bars this season, and from fruity drink-lovers to chronic farters, any dude who failed to uphold the "GC" standard was rightfully punished. But before Judge D could hang up his robe for the holidays, he had one final case to close -- and it was a doozy.

After John decided that chasing after babes was more important than celebrating his best friend's 21st birthday, Alec, the b-day boy, took his flaky friend to "Guy Court" to settle the dispute. He claimed that John's douchey move broke the cardinal rule of "Guy Code," bros before hoes, but John insisted an acquittal was in order, because his ditching the party to hit on chicks led to a threesome. Luckily for Alec, Donnell ruled guilty on all counts, citing the fact that no woman is worth missing your BFF's 21st. As for John? Well, his punishment was taking part in a threesome sandwich dance with two fat guys in bikinis. Let's see him go around bragging about that tryst.

+ Do you agree with Judge D's ruling? Find out what a few New Yorkers had to say in this final installment of “Street Justice” with “Girl Code” comedienne Quinn Marcus, and let us know where you stand!

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