Mac Miller Taste Tests Some Traditional British Treats, Almost Pukes


Mac Miller's no stranger to the munchies, and as a result, the rapper's become quite the culinary connoisseur over the years. In fact, long before he ever shared his chef skills on "Most Dope," Mac experimented with all kinds of strange concoctions in his web series, "Taste Adventures." While we're sure the jet setter has been exposed to lots of worldly cuisines throughout his career, a recent trip to England proved that there were still some traditional British dishes he hadn't tried, and in the video below, O2 Academy has Mac taste test the kind of food the Queen just goes gaga for.

After a tiring show, the 21-year-old worked up quite an appetite, and fills up with some classic Brit eats. From Monster Munch chips crisps to a scotch egg, Mac takes it all in like a champ, until some Marmite stops the foodie dead in his tracks. "Woah!" he shouts, spitting out the spread. "This is Satan. Have you ever tasted Satan before?" Welp, can't say we'll be trying Marmite after that review, but fortunately Mac gets to wash down the funky condiment with something he's a much bigger fan of: seafood! After all, he is a fisherman, you know.