Holidays, Be Damned! Nev And Max Are Back On The 'Catfish' Case [Photos]


Max and Nev have become selfie pros, thanks to "Catfish."

It's the Friday before Christmas, and most of us are counting down the seconds until our final meeting or exam is finished. However, for Nev SchulmanMax Joseph and their hard-working production crew, there will be no rest and relaxation over the holidays. Not as long as there are "Catfish" to catch!

Last week, the guys officially began their Season 3 sleuthing, and by late last night, they'd already cracked the case and wrapped it up in a neat little bow. How's that for a quick turnaround? "1st investigation of 'Catfish' season 3 is in the can," John DeTarsio, the show's Director of Photography, posted with an Instagram pic of the love detectives perched in front of a laptop.

As far as what we can expect from this episode, Max's Instagram gave us a little clue: "This is the definitive #selfie episode. #catfish #mirrorpic," the cameraman shared, along with the above photo of him and Nev doing their best duck faces. Is it too late to add this gem to the Best MTV Star Selfies of 2013?

In all seriousness, though, we hope the guys do squeeze in a little R&R while shooting -- they've got a whole lot more fish left to fry!

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Looks like the guys are already hearing some suspicious claims.


Nice Blue Steel, Nev!


Max has an impressive arsenal of cameras for Season 3.

Photos: @jdetarsio and @MaxJoseph