That's What You Said...About The Return Of 'Teen Mom 2'

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Big things are happening for the "Teen Mom 2" cast members as they settle into their 20s. In the Season 5 trailer we released earlier this week, more curve balls are thrown at Leah, Kailyn, Jenelle and Chelsea, including new pregnancies, marital trouble and custody battles. There's no doubt the ladies have matured, but will they be able to handle the challenges adulthood has in store?

After getting a glimpse of what's to come, longtime fans of the series made their way to the MTV Shows Blog and Facebook to weigh in on the upcoming season. How will Leah cope with Ali's latest diagnosis? Can Chelsea finally muster up the strength to write Adam off for good? Read what some viewers had to say, and keep the conversation going in the comments!

"OMG that was too much! Damn, I don't think there will be one boring episode!" -- Victoria

"I'm so excited! Kailyn actually looks happy with her life!" -- Lacey

"Aww poor Chelsea! I wish she could just move on from Adam and find happiness." -- Bobbi

"I think Jenelle spent more time with Jace in this two-minute trailer than I've seen her spend with him across 'Teen Mom 2.' That's awesome. Hopefully she and Barb are working out an agreement!" -- Keri

"I am glad to see 'Teen Mom 2' is coming back. I have always wanted to know what happens to Ali." -- Rachel

"Cant wait, but makes me sad to see all the tears in video." -- Rebecca

"Can't wait! And can't believe all of them (but Chelsea) got pregnant again!" -- Ella