Shannon Bex Exposed As A Potty Mouth During Gossipy Danity Kane Interview [Video]


Danity Kane tear up the stage at their House Of Blues concert in Los Angeles.

After spending four years apart, the members of Danity Kane still go together like PB&J on stage, but how well do they know each other off of it? The "Making The Band" exports recently sat down with Xixi Yang at PopStop TV and turned a little game of "#NoFilter" into a no-holds-barred gossip session. Aubrey O’Day, Dawn RichardShannon Bex and Aundrea Fimbres were tasked with responding truthfully about who among them was mostly likely to perform certain scenarios, and the results -- specifically those that pertain to Shannon -- might shock you.

Yup, the group's seemingly saint-like member is outed as an unabashed foul-mouth in the clip below, and ties wild child Aubrey for the member most likely to flirt her way out of a traffic ticket. On a different tangent, Aubrey's deemed most likely to snoop through a guy's cell phone, but says her old habit isn't dying so hard. "I haven't done it to my new boyfriend," she tells PopStop. "Partly because I don't know how to use a Samsung." And though Aundrea seems fair and diplomatic while answering Xixi's prompts, she and Dawn are deemed most likely to throw down in a club fight. Better not cross 'em on the dance floor!

Who will be first to have a baby? Which Danity Kane member is the biggest diva about hair and makeup? Watch the game!

Photo: Press Line Photos/Splash