Jenni's Not Smiling When A 'Snooki & JWOWW' Fan Gets Flirty With Roger [Video]


Whether they're retweeting your funny comments or answering your many Facebook questions, Snooki & JWOWW LOVE interacting with their fans. There's just one condition: STEP OFF THEIR MEN. You can sing the girls' praises all you want, but the minute you approach Roger or Jionni with any type of flirtation, you are no longer their friend. The proof is in this week's fan Q&A.

After the ladies and their beaus field a few family-friendly questions -- ya know, stuff about popping the question and taking care of babies -- one girl gets a little cheeky with her query. "Roger, why are you so sexy?" JeseNia asks, which catches the big guy off guard and lands him in the hot seat...right next to a clearly irritated Jenni.

"How does one answer a question like that?" Roger remarks like the World's Greatest Politician, and even after his fiancé instructs him to save his breath, after some thought, he launches into an appropriate response.

"Are you into old men?" Rog asks JeseNia, who unfortunately isn't present to respond. "Because my lady's into old men, and I'm spoken for," he concludes.

"And Jenni will kick your ass, JeseNia, so you better watch out," Snooks adds.

She's not kidding, JeseNia. You may want to consider changing your name to something less conspicuous... Ohhh, we kid, we kid.

But not really.

+ Check out the video for more from the gang, including Roger and Jionni's take on their Season 3 bromance.