Drag Queen Miss Fame Teaches Snooki & JWOWW How To Work A Catwalk [Sneak Peek]


If you thought Snooki & JWOWW's night out in Atlantic City was wild, wait until you see how they spend an evening in! On the next episode, the girls get a little crazy with the three Joeys during an at-home hangout sesh, and in the sneak peek below, superstar drag queen Miss Fame teaches the whole group how to put on one hell of a runway show, with enough wigs and askew lipstick on display to rival "Rocky Horror." Double feature, anyone?

"Party's here!" Joey #2 shouts (borrowing Snooki's famous "Jersey Shore" line) as he debuts his look, which includes a Borat-worthy one-piece. His ensemble is just the tip of the iceberg, though, and soon the room is filled with glitter, fake boobs and pink everything from floor to ceiling. "You look like an Atlantic City hooker," Joey says to Nicole as the crew gets set to STRUT. And strut, they do.

"What a family of drag!" Miss Fame observes of her own handiwork while they walk the makeshift runway. But when Nicole gets feisty and pushes her teacher out of the way, Miss Fame turns to old tricks and literally snatches the wig off Nicole's head. Don't mess with the professionals, girl!

Check out the sneak peek, and don't miss all-new back-to-back episodes Tuesday, January 7 at 10/9c!