'Crazy Beautiful' House Rules: New Boyfriends Must Be Approved By The Family Tribunal


Ke$ha isn't exactly hard up for suitors, but until a guy gets the green light from the Seberts, she might as well consider him a figment of her imagination. On tonight's "My Crazy Beautiful Life," the pop star's continuing involvement with Casey a.k.a. Bearman was put to the test when she took him to Nashville to meet her family for the first time, and though she was nervous her mother and brothers would scare Casey off, he actually loved their quirkiness. And they, thankfully, were pretty fond of him, too.

After Ke$ha warned Casey that Pebe and Louie were a bit eccentric, he fearlessly sat down with her mom, who wasted no time sizing him up astrologically. Once Pebe's star charts determined that he was a worthy match for her daughter, Casey doubled his luck by impressing Louie with some bird call assistance. Ironically, it was Ke$ha who ultimately decided she couldn't take a chance with Casey, because he still had a girlfriend (on Facebook, anyway), but if the planets ever bring these two together again, at least Casey's already got the family's blessing!