From Conquering FOMO To Tricking BFs, Here Are Tonight's Best 'Girl Code' Quips As Memes!


Though having a boyfriend seems simple (and really great!) in theory, it can be terrifyingly complicated in practice. Luckily, there are experts to help you through it! And when the experts want to charge you $250 per hour, you've always got the "Girl Code" comediennes to walk you through the twists and turns of relationships. Best consolation prize ever!

On tonight's episode, the cast laid down the law on dating in between giving tips on how to beat the dreaded Fear Of Missing Out, dissecting all the crap you keep in your bottomless purse and explaining the mental side effects of smoking weed. As always, the ladies didn't hold back, no matter what the topic. Check out the most hilarious musings they offered up, and share your favorite quote in the comments!

Carly, on recruiting boyfriends:


Quinn, on low-maintenance accessorizing:


Shalyah, on the truth about purses:


Alice, on pot-induced paranoia:


Jamie, on conquering FOMO: