Snionni And RogWOWW Traveled Back To The '80s For This Year's Christmas Card [Photo]


Big hair don't care!

Does anything say "Happy Holidays" quite like a Jheri curl and Santa embroidery?

Ugly Christmas sweater parties are currently all the rage, with MTV's "Snooki & JWOWW" stars even getting in on the action. Jenni, Nicole, Roger and Jionni are featured in the latest issue of In Touch Weekly donning some gay apparel and '80s-inspired coifs, and after seeing this incredibly awkward family photo, we're on the hunt for a "Hot Tub Time Machine." YOU GUYYYYS, NEXT TIME TAKE US WITH YOU!

The tight-knit crew sat down with the mag to talk about their unique friendship, explaining that the bond they formed on "Jersey Shore" is not only completely genuine, but it's what sets them apart from other BFFs in entertainment. "I think we’re different from other friends in the business because we have a real connection, a real relationship," Nicole said. Yet while Snooki and JWOWW have been bosom buddies since they first met in Seaside Heights, their fiancés only recently formed an unbreakable bromance. "I love the fact that this season Roger and Jionni got really close as well," Snooks shared. Hmm. She may be saying that now, but when the boys were scaring the living bejesus out of her at the dude ranch, we bet she was singing a different, more bleep-worthy tune.

Photo: In Touch Weekly