JWOWW's Christmas Gift To Snooki? New Boobs! [Video]


Ask, and you shall receive. A couple of Christmases ago, Nicole Polizzi put Jenni Farley's massive rack at the top of her wish list, and now, that wish is being granted. Yessiree boob, on December 25, right next to Lorenzo's first Tickle Me Elmo, Nicole's new tatas will be tucked beneath her fir, with an attached card that reads "Love, JWOWW." They call that true friendship, folks, and there's plenty more of it to be seen in the video below.

After the girls play a round of Secret Santa with their fiancés, in which the group votes on who among them deserves gifts addressed to "The Person Who Has Trouble Listening" (verdict: Jenni) "The Most Hard-Headed Person" (verdict: Jenni again!) and so on, Snooki brags about the very special present her partner-in-crime has planned for her. "Jenni's getting me boobs for Christmas," the miniature guidette says proudly.

"She'll enjoy them as well as [Jionni]," Jenni adds.

But will Roger, who says he's dreaming of a bigger d***, see his Christmas wish come true, too? Guess that all depends on how deep his friendship with Jionni runs...

Check out the video, and tell us what you're hoping to receive from your BFF this holiday season!