Bree Interviews A Sperm Donor About His Own 'Cryo' Experience [Video]


On the latest episode of "Generation Cryo," Breeanna and her half-siblings finally cracked the case of Donor #1096's identity, but even though their dossier on the guy continues to grow thicker, the reasons behind his contribution to the sperm bank still remain a mystery. Bree has a million questions she's stored up for the day she (hopefully) meets her biological dad in person, but until then, gave her the opportunity to redirect her curiosities at a man who was completely comfortable with sharing his experience as a one-time sperm donor.

In the exclusive video below, Bree interviews Josh, a musician whose friends -- a lesbian couple -- wanted to have a baby, but were missing that certain ingredient necessary for egg fertilization. Josh explains that they politely asked him for...his contribution...over dinner, and that he was happy to help them out, free of charge. Not surprisingly, what's most inspiring about his story to Bree is his willingness to eventually connect with the couple's daughter, who just turned 1, if and when she ever has questions for him. "I'm definitely not gonna be like, 'I don't want to talk to you,'" Josh says. "Honesty is probably the best way." If Bree ever meets #1096, let's hope he carries similar sentiments.

Check out Bree's conversation with Josh for a different perspective on sperm donation: