How To Give Your Pooches The JWOWW Treatment


Jenni takes her freshly dyed pooches for a walk.

Jenni Farley has spent the better part of this "Snooki & JWOWW" season with her beloved trio of pups. Whether it's taking them to behavior training, getting Roger to express his feelings for them (and her) or spot-cleaning more poop and tinkle mishaps than we can count on four paws, we're pretty sure she's far more into her pooches than she is into planning her own wedding. In fact, last week the feisty guidette even admitted that she loves them more than she does people!

The point is, nobody dotes on their dogs more than JWOWW, and anybody looking to take in a pet could learn a thing or two from the best mama ever. Canine Owners Of America, take a cue from the Jersey's Shore's biggest four-legged friend and give your own fur babies the JWOWW treatment! Here's how:


Secure the necessary training. In order to get Bella, Noel and Diesel to behave and stop sh**ting all over every single inanimate object, Jenni took her pack to a dog-training center where the "Ghandi of dogs" promptly whipped her pups into shape. (No, not literal whipping, PETA.) Don't fret; there's hope for your naughty Fido, too!


Include your leashed loves on your next girls' day out. Just be sure to tell your besties that you're packing a pooch beforehand so they can prepare for any impromptu slobbering. There are plenty of pet-friendly activities you can do with both your BFF and puppy in tow, like shopping for lingerie... but if you have a male dog (*cough* Diesel!), don't be surprised when he gets aroused and starts humping everything that moves.


Shake things up with a mutt makeover. Turn heads at the park by stepping up your furry ones' grooming. Doggie dye is all the rage, as evidenced during Season 1 of "Snooki & JWOWW," and with Bella (the Pomeranian) rocking pink accents and Noel (the petite Maltese) decked out in purple, these pups were no doubt the envy of all their canine friends. Just make sure to buy pet-approved dye!


House your pups in style. Your pets are a reflection of you, and JWOWW knows this 1000 percent. Rockstar Puppy Boutique designed a $12,000 doghouse for Bella and Noel that features custom artwork, interior lighting, upholstered beds and a Swarovski Crystal name plate, and while the price may sound a little steep, at least she's getting a free security system in return.

+ Do you think JWOWW's pups are spoiled...or just really, really loved? Sound off in the comments, and tune in to an all-new episode of "Snooki & JWOWW" tonight at 10/9c!

Photo: Splash News