Which 'Wild 'N Out' Star Won This Twitter Battle? You Decide!


Nick Cannon and Kevin Hart carried their "Wild 'N Out" rivalry well past the Season Finale Smackdown, and now, two newbies are taking a page out of the vets' smack-talk handbook. DoBoy and Emmanuel "Kosher" Hudson kept the spirit of the Wildstyle alive by exchanging heated tweets 'til the wee hours of the morning, and while one glance at each of their Twitter feeds shows that no topic was off limits, their physical appearances seemed to be the most common battle fodder of choice. C'mon, it's the off-season, guys! Can't we all just get along?

For hours, DoBoy dissed Kosher about his braided locks, while Kosh targeted DoBoy's big...presence. Guess the "Wild" cast hasn't quite caught on to the spirit of holidays, huh? However, since Nick usually rewards a good roast with a championship belt (and what the boss says, goes!), we decided to let y'all choose which "WNO" star delivered the best combo of verbal right-hooks and upper-cuts. Only after YOU place your votes can one of these jokesters officially claim bragging rights.

+ Check out the guys' Twitter battle below, and vote for who you think had the better burns!





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Photos: MTV2