Mac Miller Issues An Instagram PSA That Shows The Physical Effects Of Drug Use


Pass the Oil of Olay, please.

Whether he's shaving off his scruff or sporting traditional Scottish duds, Mac Miller's always up for trying out new looks, and yesterday, the "Most Dope" star posted a pic of his latest virtual makeover, in which he appears to have aged about sixty years overnight. Who knew turning 21 was the beginning of the end? Better ease up on the partying, pal!

While we're preeeeeetty sure Mac's wrinkly appearance is due to a face-altering phone app and not an accurate portrayal of his skin elasticity (at least, we hope not...dude just became legal!), the comment he posted along with the photo, "Drugs age u," carries a serious message: JUST SAY NO!

Point. Taken.

A lot of youngins look up to the rapper as a role model, and we applaud the fact that Mac's using his fame and influence to show the downside of drug use. Someone may have just crossed over to Santa's nice list this year...

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Photo: Mac Miller's Instagram