'Jackass' Steve-O Bares His Buns On A Dominican Republic Beach [Photo]


Steve-O gives Sports Illustrated models a run for their money.

While East Coasters are doubling up on hats and mittens to brave the freezing cold temperatures, somewhere down in the Dominican Republic, a certain "Jackass" is letting it all hang out. Yesterday, Steve-O took some time out of his surfing vacation to share with his fans how much fun he's having in the Caribbean...and by that, we mean he posted the above photo of himself letting the sun shine where it typically has no business shining. Let's hope he didn't forget the SPF!

"The Dominican Republic, what a beautiful country..." the jokester tweeted along with the Sports Illustrated-inspired shot, in which he rocks a wetsuit straight outta "50 Shades of Grey" while waves crash around him. We just have one question for the guy who made butt-chugging famous: When does the calendar drop?

+ Check out the pic, and let us know what you think of Steve-O's revealing booty shot!

Photo: @steveo