JWOWW Says 'The Situation' Hasn't Spoken To Her In A Year


JWOWW and Mike "The Situation" definitely had their dust-ups across six seasons of "Jersey Shore." Within weeks of meeting, an alcohol-induced argument between the two ended with her popping him in the jaw, and for years to come, they walked on eggshells around each other. During their final stay in Seaside Heights, though, Mike made amends with the cast mates he'd burned and promised that his dark days were over. It seemed he and Jenni had a real shot at a fresh start, but now, the "Snooki & JWOWW" star says he won't take her calls or text messages.

"To be honest, I haven't heard from him in about a year," JWOWW revealed today on "Bethenny." "I tried texting him for the holidays and his birthday, and I think he changed his number." Jenni isn't taking the snub personally, though, reasoning that it probably has something to do with Mike's need to leave his former self in the past. She theorized that the "Shore" was a blessing and a curse for Mike, and now that he's free from his addiction, he might be trying to cut out all of its related memories -- including her. "He's trying to forget that life," she said.

Still, JWOWW isn't losing hope, and had a message for her ex housemate. "Mike, I love you!" she said. "I would love to speak to you."

Head over to the "Bethenny" site to watch the segment, and check out the videos below for a reminder of the pair's contentious "Jersey Shore" history.

Photos: Matthias Clamer