That's What You Said...About Speidi's New Lease On Life

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Speidi celebrate Spencer's 30th birthday in Las Vegas.

During their final "Hills" days, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt couldn't be bothered to keep up with friends and family, and the limelight-blinded couple routinely steamrolled over anyone who stepped in their path to superstardom. In E!'s recent "After Shock" special, though, the two owned up to their bad behavior, accepted the consequences of their former self-absorption and said they were on a new road to a truer, more sincere life. And you know what? We kinda believed them! Some of you, however, had your doubts...

Were Speidi being honest about their humility, or were they just playing a new game? Fans were split on the matter, and rushed to MTV Shows Blog and Facebook to share their thoughts about the couple's progression. Check out what some had to say below, and tell us where you stand on the new Heidi and Spencer!

"I watched the show last night, and although I thought they came across as sincere, I could not help but wonder if that was all an act, too. No matter what, at least it seems as if those two were really made for each other." -- Jeannie

"They need to learn to make a means of living outside of the spotlight, just like every other person on this earth." -- Justin

"I'm starting to like these two." -- Brandi

"I'm glad to see they're in a better place, and hopefully all this regret and sincerity they're boasting is real and not just another PR stunt to weasel their way into a show somehow." -- Johanna

"I saw honesty in his eyes, and the fact that he doesn't want to have kids because he doesn't want to bring a baby to what he created, that's big!" -- Geraldina

"Heidi and Spencer, I'm glad you're doing well! I hope your relationships with both your families are better as well!" -- Kristy

Photo: Ethan Miller/Getty Images